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Bar Lazy L Ranch - Dinner Sleigh Rides - Steamboat Springs Colorado
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Shane and ForrestHello, we're Shane, and Forest Yeager. We're the owners, and will spend the evening showing you what is so special about the Yampa Valley. We're a sixth generation Routt County family, raising the seventh generation on the family ranch. This is truly a family business, so you'll probably see our daughter Shealynne and son Brandon helping out at some point, since they help out on a regular basis. Many of the other people that contribute to the experience, are also members of the family, although sometimes we won't publicly admit it!! They'll give you grief, stories, jokes, and possibly even some useful information, as they drive the busses, sleighs, and help out. The only ones we're not related to are the entertainers, because frankly we can't even play a radio without getting static!

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BrandThe Bar Lazy L Ranch was homesteaded in 1939 by my grandmother, and grandfather (about 3 miles east of my great grandfathers homestead). Bar Lazy L is how you call the brand, not to be confused with the "Fila" shoe symbol, it is actually a registered brand in the state of Colorado. The history or our family and genealogy as it relates to the valley could take up a whole page on it's own.


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Finally the section you really wanted. Our family raises Percheron draft horses. Percheron’s are known for being tall, athletic, and flashy. They're not necessarily known as a heavy pulling draft horse, like Belgian draft horses. They are typically a more stylish horse and known for their exceptional disposition. Not as well known as the Clydesdales, made famous by Budweiser, but plenty popular enough to be taking the show circuit by storm. The horses pulling your sleighs were foaled, raised, and trained here on the family ranch. You'll see pictures around the barn of the hitches, and parades that we have been in with our eight horse hitch. We use the horses for riding, driving, parades, weddings, and packing for the summer camping, and fall hunting. I'm confident that given time, they'll work their way into your heart just as they've worked their way into ours.

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